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Everyone Agrees This Is The Most Annoying Fake Detail In Movies

Journalist Carli Velocci used her Twitter the way it should be: as an open forum for complaints. She asked what detail from movies have been bugging the crap out of people forever, starting with her own example:

I also hate that! But I hate it even more when people come to my house and do that, which happens. Movies are a bad influence. 

There is a long list of rude/impossible/weird/unrealistic things that people do in movies that have been driving everyone up the wall forever, and you will find yourself nodding in agreement as you read this list:

But the most popular one was completely unexpected for me. Apparently, in movies people are always skipping out on an incredible breakfast? I have never noticed and it feels like I'm having an awakening.

Folks, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If we're going to believe a protagonist is going to overcome their obstacles in film, we need to see them clean their plate. Hear that, Hollywood?