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The Shiny Aluminum Ball Fad Is Being Taken Advantage Of By Pranksters

3 weeks ago

Another day, another group of people being careless on the Internet.

If you haven't seen it, there is currently a trend circulating in which people take an enormous amount of aluminum foil, form it into a ball, and slowly, methodically pound it down and sand it until it is a perfect shiny sphere:

It's an intensely laborious process that takes a lot of time:

But where there is a trend, there is someone looking to spread mischief. In fact, a couple people are trying to spread the rumor that you can have a perfect, shiny foil ball without all the work and patience.

Just nuke it:

Not too shocking that folks are trying to start trouble. 

It's also not too shocking that other people are trying it:

Of course, people are probably joking and just Googled "broken microwave pics."

But it still seems important to warn people: DO NOT PUT FOIL IN THE MICROWAVE.

Don't do it. No matter how much you want something shiny.

Really though, DON'T DO IT.