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These Secret Pictures Of A Dad And Daughter Holding Hands Is Melting The Internet's Heart

3 weeks ago

Reddit user MrsIronBad is melting hearts with this collection of photos featuring her husband and their kid. She has been taking pictures of the two of them holding hands for years—without them ever knowing it.

In their finery, in their casual wear, in nature or at the mall, these two walk hand in hand:

Other people admitted to having similar, though less flattering, collections:

And a lot of people had suggestions for how she should make the big reveal. MrsIronBad thinks she can keep the secret until her kid is at least 18—or maybe when she gets married?

Some joked she better get a lot of pics now. Teens, man.

Everyone wants to know how she is keeping this secret. Turns out her husband is kind of a Luddite.

There are rewards to staying off social media! They just take longer.