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This Senior Thanked Taco Bell For Getting Her Through College With A Photo Shoot

This Senior Thanked Taco Bell For Getting Her Through College With A Photo Shoot
Updated 4 weeks ago

It seems like we're more health conscious as a nation than ever before. There are tons of articles out there condemning the evils of sugar, and popular sugary foods, like soda, are declining in sales.

But just because we know things aren't healthy for us, doesn't mean that our desire to eat unhealthy things suddenly vanishes. Plus, there's the cost associated with eating healthy if you don't do some leg work to find a local farmer's market and do a bit of meal prep on your own.

Like if you're shopping exclusively at fancy shops to get all of your meals and focus on your caloric intake, you'll definitely be eating healthy, but your wallet will be crying in the process. Just walk into a gourmet organic grocer and take out a few items that tickle your fancy and look at your receipt.

There are plenty of instance when you're pressed for time and want a hot meal and just don't feel like breaking the bank to get it. Plus, you want something that's tasty. So what do you do? You hit up a fast food joint, that's what you do. And when it comes to cheap and yummy fast food, Taco Bell is a solid choice. Just ask any college student.

Specifically, Aly Marie, who loves the tex-mex chain so much that she decided to dedicate her senior graduation photos to the Bell.

Between a packed schedule of classes, whatever job you can get your hands on, and countless late nights of studying, Marie, like many upstanding scholars in this great nation toiling to better themselves in a fine educational institution, relied on Taco Bell for sustenance, and her photos are a testament to that special relationship.

Yes the whole thing is an inside joke, and it's all very tongue-in-cheek.

But honestly, when you're super stressed, sometimes a $4 late night meal after hours and hours of hard work and worrying if you're ever going to get something done or make something of yourself is the only solace you feel in your day.

Now some people might think that's funny, like, "kill me now if fast food is the only thing I have to look forward to" but it's not about the Bell man. It's about that break you give yourself after intentionally going after something that's super uncomfortable, but ultimately worth it for you.

So Aly's "relationship" joke is definitely a joke, but it's not a stretch to think that there are tons of other college students out there who can relate.

This mom-to-be certainly did - she had her maternity photo shoot at a Taco Bell to celebrate her favorite prenatal cravings.

Taco Bell ultimately caught wind of Aly's tweet, and acknowledged their special relationship through its official Twitter account.

There's something about Taco Bell people use to commemorate milestones in their lives. For some reason, there are tons of teens who involve the fast food chain when asking their crushes out to prom.

Whether it's getting that special someone a dozen tacos instead of roses...

Or getting very creative with hot sauce packets.

It looks like a surefire way to a person's heart is with fast-food iterations of popular tex-mex dishes.

And honestly, it would probably work on me too.