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This Mom Delivered Her Own Baby In A Hotel Room On An International Trip

This Mom Delivered Her Own Baby In A Hotel Room On An International Trip
4 weeks ago

Everyone thinks their birth story is unique, but a woman named Tia Freeman is nonchalantly blowing everyone's lids off with her absolutely insane birth story on Twitter. A story she thinks is NBD:

Freeman is 22, she works in the Air Force, and she's obviously pretty tough. Freeman wrote an epic Twitter thread about her experience, which began in January when she found out she was pregnant. Surprise!

A very unusual approach to pregnancy, you gotta admit. Surprise, denial, booking an international flight.

Sure. It's the salmon.

Yes! Yes, she was!

Some people would call for an ambulance or try to get to a hospital, but she just wanted some privacy, apparently:

Again, the hospital seems like an option, but this is a very independent lady!

The epidural is at the hospital!!!

Eventually, Freeman passed the umbilical cord, and cut it from her baby herself. Of course:

Freeman went to the airport to figure out how to fly a newborn from the country when you don't have a ticket. They were suspicious, to say the least:

But she eventually just ended up being famous instead of arrested:

Freeman did FINALLY get to the hospital, and everything was just fine:

Here's the tl;dr version from the friend she was supposed to be visiting in Germany:

Congrats, Freeman. You seem like you can handle pretty much everything, which is exactly what moms are expected to do!