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Halsey's Tweet About 'White People Shampoo' Has People Divided

Halsey's Tweet About 'White People Shampoo' Has People Divided
Updated 3 weeks ago

If you've ever used the wrong type of product for your hair, then you know how annoying it can be.

Your once vibrant and shiny locks all of a sudden look flat and stripped of all their color. That volume you used to get with your favorite conditioner? Yeah, you can kiss that bye-bye as you walk around the grocery store a frizzy-haired mess.

The wrong product can have you reaching for a hat or beanie right quick - a struggle that many people of color know all too well.

Something that singer Halsey pointed out in a recent Twitter post when talking about the types of shampoos and conditioners that she finds in hotel bathrooms.

"Perfumed watered down white people" shampoo isn't going to do much for someone with thicker, curly hair. 

Halsey's invective against the hotel toiletry industry had some people wondering why a "white" singer would have such a big problem with hair products designed for "white" hair.

Despite appearing light-skinned, Halsey is biracial, but even though she pointed that out, people weren't having her "shampoo is racist" argument.

For Halsey the matter is simple: a huge demographic of hotel customers are unable to use the amenities provided by the hotel.

As the singer points out, it's no skin off her back - she can afford to buy products designed for her hair when she travels.

It still didn't stop people from accusing her of overreacting and making the problem seem bigger than it "really is".

But those who agreed with Halsey's original tweet pointed out that even finding hair care products that suit their hair type outside of a hotel is difficult enough.

Hotel customers have pointed out how much it means to them when they stay at a location that happens to be accommodating to their toiletry needs.

But there were a lot of people who just chalked the problem up to hotel shampoo being trash anyway.

"Whack" or not, some people can't use the shampoo on their hair, period.

And, as one Twitter user mentioned, Halsey's tweet was more of a small complaint, and not intended to be a swooping call for racial equality based on hotel toiletry items alone.

For someone who spends a lot of time in hotel rooms, it probably gets annoying not being to use the shampoo in your room, ever, so I get where Halsey is coming from.