This Australian Shepherd's Talents Are A 'Secret' No More Because Her Singing, Dancing, And Yoga Are Totally Viral



Meet Secret, the two-year-old Australian Shepherd. What makes Secret so special? She can do all the tricks. Like, literally, all of them. We're not just talking and "sit" and "roll over." She can dance, play instruments, and do yoga.  So, basically a lot of stuff humans can't even do.

She has her own instagram account, of course. I know a lot of pets have social media accounts but Secret's is actually interesting, which is another thing must humans can't pull off. Don't believe me? Just see her brilliance for yourself, below:

1. She is better than Ringo!

2. She's a great yoga partner

3. Very trusting

4. Very adventurous

5. She creates masterpieces.

6. So graceful

7. She's the hero we deserve

8. Most dogs make a mess

9. The best at fetch

10. She lifts, bro

11. She's knows when you need a little nudge

12. They modified the rules but she is still a good ping pong player

13. Yum!

14. You want a drink?

15. Ready to go!

16. I have to do everything around here

17. Hey. Practice make perfect, right?

18. She has a big recital coming up

19. Better than I could do

20. Guess who is getting a gold medal?

21. Alright, this is just the owner being lazy.

22. Vroom Vroom!

23. I got you

24. Other dogs use their paws for digging. Amateurs.

25. Jump!

26. Go! Go! Go!

27. Here I come!

28. My turn to do the laundry

29. She's on the rebound

30. Wow

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