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These Animal BFFs Set A New Standard For Your Squad Goals

These Animal BFFs Set A New Standard For Your Squad Goals
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1 year ago

I grew up with a lot of dogs. The exact amount varied over the years but it was often enough to be considered a pack. There was a member of this pack named Lola. Now, Lola mostly kept to herself but if a fight ever broke out between two of the other dogs dogs, Lola shut it down.  She would pin the attacker, or stand in between the other dogs and acts as a little doggie shield. She would do whatever it took to ensure that no animal came to harm.

Our family labeled her the peacekeeper of the group. As long as Lola was with the other dogs, we knew none of them would come to harm. She was a very good girl. Yes, she really was. Just like these other little guys, below:

Here's how you crack a nut
You're drunk but I still got you
Who's a good boy?
Have a good day at work.
His hunting days are over
You guys hungry?
I'm getting there as fast as I can
That's the spot
Teach us how to dog pile
They look out for each other
I got this
I don't know what you are but I like you.
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Where's the bottle opener? Eh, screw it.
What do you want to watch?
He's like a small furry tree
Spring break! Woo!
Its a secret handshake
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