These Klutzy Animals Are Equal Parts Cute And Hilarious



What's better than animals? In my opinion, nothing. They are the perfect blend of grace and beauty.

Even when they fall, they still look better than most people. I'd like to see you look this good while running into a tree and landing flat on your bottom. What's that? You don't want to do it? Exactly, because you know it'd make you look like a mess. Yet animals can pull this off in ways we've never dreamed of!

With that in mind, please bear witness to the grace and majesty of animals looking kind of dumb. Because even the most graceful among us face-plant sometimes, right?

Sneaky, sneaky.

So regal!

What's the wall and what's the floor?


Landing needs work, huh?

Oh, hello.

You doing okay?

Wet is not a good look for you.

When in Rome...

Outta my way!

You impressed?

I'd suck my own thumb if I had any.


This is fine!

We're going for a walk.


If I'm going down, you're going down with me!

I got stuck!

That swing was not designed for goats, was it?

New headshot!


Wake me up when I'm done smelling the floor, OK?

How did this even happen?

I've been working on my smile, see?

Oh, boy.

What happened to the rest of my face?

Does my nose looks too big here?

Ugh. Pet me more!


I both love and hate this.

Now do a serious one

He really doesn't want to be here.

How in the world do I eat this?

So cute, so lovable, so... clumsy?

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