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Source: Reddit

This Bizarre Picture Of A Dog Playing Catch Launched A Photoshop Battle

By Aimee Lutkinnnn

Dogs are goofy. They're awkward. They make us laugh with some of their questionable decisions. But that's why we love them right? We're not sure what it is but dogs never seem to think before doing something. They just DO IT and it often leads to some pretty amazing moments.

On Tuesday, Reddit user Marmite_Badger started a Photoshop battle on Reddit with a photo titled, "Dog that's struggling to dog." This image does indeed look like what a dog trying as hard as it can to act like it understands "catch" would look like. Use his own paws?! Sorcery!

As bizarre as this picture is, commenters quickly took up the challenge of making it even more weird, creepy, funny, and out of place. This inept dog got to experiment with music, video games, trick-or-treating, and, the greatest honor of all, dancing with Will Smith. It's a great honor for this doggo who will now live on through the Internet for pretty much, always. Cause you know what they say...The Internet is forever. So enjoy the fame of virality in these awesome photoshops: