These 25 Dogs Giving Hugs Are Here To Brighten Your Day



Pet owners love to hug their dogs. We all know that. But here is something you may not know. Dogs love to hug their owners, too. Sounds crazy, I know, but I have proof.

Sometimes when I pick up my dog, she'll wrap her arms around me, and if that doesn't sound like a hug, then I don't know what does. 

Here's my other piece of evidence. This entire list. That's probably the more compelling argument. Actually, forget probably, I'm going to say definitely because these are dog hugs we're talking about here, which are objectively better than any other species' hug. It's science.

1. Never let me go.

2. Nothing can keep us away.

3. It's been so long! How've you been?

4. Come down here. I have something for you.

5. There. There. It will all be okay.

6. More of a nuzzle than a hug.

7. Yes. Please.

8. Squeeze!

9. Throw your arms around me.

10. The floor is lava!

11. Even babies get it.

12. Almost a bear hug.

13. Welcome home!

14. Proud of you.

15. Hey! I want something.

16. Are you two going to kiss or not?

17. Society cannot keep us apart.

18. Come here, you.

19. He knows what's up.

20. He's almost too big. Almost.

21. This is love.

22. An apt description.

23. Surprise! I love you!

24. Aww.

25. They seem to like each other.

Good boys (and girls) deserve all of the love in the world. My only regret is that I can't hug them all personally.

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