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Source: twitter

People Are Loving This Dog Going Shopping At The Supermarket

By Mustafa Gatollari

When you're out grocery shopping, there are a few things you expect to see. Buy one-get-one-free offers. Free samples. Maybe you hit up the seasonal aisle to see what temporally-themed treats and items your local supermarket decided to pimp itself out with.

What you probably don't expect is an adorable dog casually pushing a cart around the store browsing for deals. "Nonsense" you say, "there's no way a dog can understand the mechanics of the human sales system in a store." To which I would reply: they've got hundreds of thousands of years of evolution on their side and and comprehend an implied pack structure, I think they've got shopping down to a tee.

And if you still think a dog pushing a cart around a supermarket is ridiculous and totally fabricated, well hold onto your butts, people, because you're about to see something that'll rock your paws off.