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The Tiniest Wild Cat in the World Will Make You Fall in Love With Felines All Over Again



The Internet, which was created primarily for sharing pictures of cats, never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think it's run out of new ideas to show me, it comes up with a big surprise. Today that surprise is a feline called a "rusty-spotted cat." Can you believe that? A kind of cat I've never seen or heard! Incredible.

This special kitty made an appearance on the BBC program Big Cats, which is ironic because it's actually an extremely tiny cat. Fully grown, it weighs just a little over two pounds. 

The cats are very rarely seen, partly because they're so tiny and partly because they only live in Sri Lanka and some parts of India. And they look like they're itty bitty kittens, no bigger than a leaf:

Those leaves are probably pretty big, but still.

The documentary also featured the fun fact that this small cat—the smallest in the world—weighs 200 times less than a lion, which is also how I am going to measure myself now. I'd say I weigh 198 times less than a lion, which is pretty good?

Look at this adorable video of the rusty-spotted cat slinking around, looking for even tinier meals:

That video featured a slightly under-grown sample of this small cat's look. They get a bit bigger, and definitely much fiercer looking:

But who knew their faces could become so wise?

Those green eyes pierce my soul.

This pic almost seems like a picture of a normal cat, full of contempt for the human taking its picture:

This looks like my cat right before he jumps on me to get a treat:

No matter how tiny the cat, it is still probably a jerk.

People were still completely enamored by this little meow face, though many fear a sudden surge in popularity will have dire consequences:

Excellent point. These cats belong in the wild and even if they look like kittens, they're flesh eating hunters who will poop everywhere. Just enjoy them on video:

And we always have domestic cats, which are wonderful. Especially when they get really BIG. Like Fat Boy Rudy:

Or Sam, the cat with eyebrows:

Or Princess Monster Truck?

The world is full of weird, wonderful cats, and the Internet will keep giving us more of them to enjoy until the end of time.

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