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44 Dogs Who Just Realized They Are Going To The Vet

44 Dogs Who Just Realized They Are Going To The Vet
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4 months ago

If you've ever had a dog as a pet, then you know that visits to the vet are just about the worst things in the world to them.

As sad as it is that they're utterly terrified of them, it's kind of hilarious to see their expressions change once they realize that they're not going for a walk, or headed to the dog park, but instead, are visiting their primary canine healthcare provider.

The cat here looks even more worried than the dog.

"I...I trusted you."

"I'm not talking to you."

Someone needs a hug.



"I don't wanna come out!"

Good idea.

Dah, dah, dah, dunnnnn.

As long as your eyes are hidden...right?

"REAAAAAL funny, human."


"You liar."

"Yaaaay....wait a minute..."

There are two kinds of dogs...

"You best turn this car around."

What is it with puppers hiding underneath chairs?

The perfect hiding spot.

Not exactly what you'd call enthusiastic.

"Dead weight mode...ACTIVATE!"

"What? Wait a second..."

"You're really going to make me go through this, aren't you?"

This little pupper learned from a young age.

"What if I just...disappear?"

The scientific word for this is stink-eye.


"There's no way I'm ready for this."

Nightmare: realized.

Look at that poor face :(

"Mommy, don't let them hurt us."

"Oh, hi traitor."

His face changed once they passed the dog park.

"Is neutering really necessary?"

"You think you know someone."


"I'm so disgusted with you."

"I'm ok, I'm ok, I'm ok."

"Get me outta here!"

"We're going to the vet, Sharon, aren't we?"

"Kid, you've got to get me outta here!"

"Don't joke like that."

"The hell is this crap?!"

"Oh, I see how it is."


"If you think I'm getting out of this car then you're crazy."

"Not cool."

OK, now I'm convinced that dogs have a sixth sense about vet visits.

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