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This Cat Messes Up Everyone's Commute Every Day And Doesn't Even Care

This Cat Messes Up Everyone's Commute Every Day And Doesn't Even Care
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Updated 4 months ago

Turkey has so many loose cats, they even made a documentary about it. The citizens of Istanbul would probably be hard-pressed to say which stray cat living on their block is their fav, let alone the whole city. But the Internet has narrowed it down.

This unnamed calico kitty has caught the world's attention by totally not caring that it's five seconds from being trampled at the top of an escalator during rush hour in Istanbul's Taksim Metro:

Yup. It's just gonna sit there, and humans will have to deal. End of story.

Everyone loves this jerk cat:

But it turns out, this cat is locally famous and was quickly doxxed:

And there are a lot of pictures of it on the Internet, messing with people and getting lunch:

The kitty has a few favorite spots:

Look at that face!

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A couple people went in to see if fame had changed the Taksim Metro cat. It hasn't.

There has also been some work done to identify her. Apparently, calicos are always female.

This is also an area with few cats (amazing) because there are a lot of stray dogs (sad). She's a fighter:

And yes, she's still famous:

Keep living your life, Metro Cat!

And keep messing up human's. We deserve it.

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