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This Hero Dog Took Bullets For His Owner While Protecting Him From Intruders

This Hero Dog Took Bullets For His Owner While Protecting Him From Intruders
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Updated 4 months ago

I don't know what human beings ever did to deserve dogs.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then I want you to consider this. Imagine you're a young child. Then all of a sudden, some giant, alien species steals you from your mother, your father, and your siblings. They take you to a foreign land, in a home you've never seen before and force you to live out the rest of your days, eating what they tell you to eat, posing in stupid outfits, and getting bully rubs on camera.

Oh and on top of all that, they castrate you. I would say that we really don't deserve all the love dogs give us for everything we do for them.

And Rex is definitely one of those good boys who's got an insane amount of love for his owner, 16-year-old Javier Mercado. So much love, that he was willing to die for Javier.

On the afternoon of February 21st, 2018, Javier was chilling at home alone, with Rex, when he heard a noise. He looked outside and saw a car in the driveway he didn't recognize, followed by the sound of shattering glass. That's when Rex jumped into action.

"I...heard the sliding door break, and it is made out of just glass so it shattered really loud. My dog ran downstairs, and it just started barking and barking. I heard one guy scream, ‘the dog bit me, get the dog.'"

When Javier heard the men scream, he immediately called 911 and hid in a closet. Rex went to the room where Javier was hiding to guard the boy as the burglars went through all the rooms in the home searching for valuables. When they tried entering the room Javier was in, Rex lunged forward at them. The burglars opened fire on the German Shepherd, hitting him four times. Rex had no more strength left and he collapsed while Javier continued to hide.

By the time the police showed up, the burglars left. Javier initially feared the worst for his friend, but was informed that Rex was still alive but seriously injured. His gunshot wounds would require surgery if he'd have any chance of survival and even though the Mercado family didn't know how they were going to cover their dog's medical bills, they were overjoyed that Rex had a second chance at life.

Thankfully, his first surgery was a success and Rex was able to walk away from it and reunite with his family.

The Mercado's decided to post a GoFundMe to pay for Rex's medical bills and not only reached their goals, but more than sextupled it! It's safe to say that this hero dog will be able to afford all of the care and therapy he needs to recover from his injuries, thanks to people touched by his heroism.

From the looks of it, he seems to be doing well.

A Facebook page was started to track Rex's recovery progress, compile all of the news stories about his exploits, and share causes for other pets in need.

And of course, post adorable pics of Rex giving puppy kisses.

As of now, the little guy has been discharged from veterinary care and is enjoying life at home with Javier and the family. He's been getting some exercise, per doctor's orders.

He doesn't look like a big fan of the cone around his neck, however, but he is making do.

One of his legs were injured in the attack but he's expected to make a full recovery.

You can check out the original local news station story of Rex's bravery on Facebook, below.

For Javier, there isn't a doubt in his mind that Rex saved his life that day.

"They didn’t hesitate shooting Rex or hold back on anything. If Rex wasn’t there, they would have opened that door and they would have saw me in there."

If there ever was a good boy... (h/t inside edition)

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