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26 Puppers So Happy You Can't Help But Smile


Dogs are nature's enthusiasts. Seeing them happily wagging their tails and lolling their tongues is scientifically proven to make you happier, proving that they're kind of magical.

So if you're having a rough day, or you just love puppers (who doesn't?), take a gander at these smiley doggos to instantly make you feel better.

1. Best. Airline. Ever.

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Oh hello! Can Spirit Air please vow to replace their entire flight attendant staff with these?

1. This is a stick up, give us all your bones. And affection.

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OMG we're dying at the cuteness that are these two pups.

1. We tried to keep this from you guys...

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Oh hunnos! Come here right now for all the cuddles.

1. He's a working dog.

Source: imgur

Boy, if this ain't me, though.

1. Probably dreaming of treats.

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Look at this muffin! This is exactly what I look like when I fall asleep early on weekends.

1. This dapper dog.

Ok, I'll take two of these for Halloween please.

1. These dogs making the most out of their school days.

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OMG I want a best friend who protects me like this one does.

1. This photogenic pupper.

Source: imgur

How do they make such perfect flower crowns though? Inquiring minds would like to know.

1. This dog who won't let a few bee stings get him down.

Source: imgur

Oh man, this poor doge is adorable despite his ailments. 

1. This dog that came up with a great Halloween costume.

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Wow this dog's humans are absolutely inspired. Who would think up such a great use for a surgical cone? This guy wins Halloween. Hands down.

1. This dog who just wants to be your university wingman.

Source: imgur

Can we have one too please?

1. I would love to.

Source: imgur

Or talk to them! I want to!

1. This dog who will oblige your joke, even if it's played out.

Source: imgur

1. This doggo who wishes you cared more about his snaps.

Source: imgur

1. This pup who lives for romance.

Source: imgur

1. This dog who's really, really sorry.

Source: imgur

1. This dog who loves their own sense of humor.

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1. This pup who loves to boop snoots.

Source: imgur

1. This puppy who's shrugging off the haters.

Source: imgur

1. This pupper who's shivering no more.

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1. This dog who's stoked for some deals.

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1. Another swole boy.

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1. This amazing little hybrid.

Source: imgur

1. This sympathetic little guy.

Source: imgur

1. This dog who wishes autumn wasn't so messy.

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1. These dogs who want to make your afterlife the best it can possibly be.

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If only we could be as happy as dogs.