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Source: Twitter

Famous YouTuber Says His Dog Died After Staying At PetSmart Pet Hotel

By Aimee Lutkin

Pets quickly become a part of the family, but they can't always go everywhere families go. When it comes time for a vacation, we have to leave them in trusted hands. That may be a friend or other caretaker, but there are also a number of pet hotels and kennels that will take care of your furry friend for a fee.

YouTube star Corey Dixon trusted his dog Aspen to PetSmart when he went on a trip to an area that supposedly has a lot of bears. It seemed like the safest choice, since dogs will sometimes run up to and antagonize bears before you realize what's happening.

But while at PetSmart, Aspen came down with a serious illness. Dixon was shocked by his dog's condition when he arrived to pick him up, saying his ribs were showing and he was having serious trouble breathing.