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The Best Times Celebrities Have Shown Up When They Were Least Expected

The Best Times Celebrities Have Shown Up When They Were Least Expected
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Updated 5 months ago

Even the biggest stars who you have worshipped your whole life occasionally put on old t-shirts and wander alone through the park. As fun as it is to see celebrities photobombing each other in their fancy dress wear on the red carpet, it's far more fun to see them pop up in unexpected places and disrupt the lives of the non-famous. Like the time John Travolta showed up at a stranger's wedding in jeans:

Stranger's weddings may be the favorite celebrity crash. Snoop Dogg doesn't even really explain this one:

Jus got Married

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Amy Schumer pops up all over the place. Schumer's a runner, and is often seen out in public in whatever city she's got a show in, like that time she went into some random mattress store and bought the employee there a $2,000 mattress. Or like here, where's she's "ruining" a couple's engagement photos:

Beautiful engagement photo ruined by yours truly

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Kevin Spacey has also indulged in running in and out of a picture:

Bill Nye biked in:

Maisie Williams was just trying to enjoy Disney World like anyone else, but she was game for a selfie:

And who wouldn't feel blessed by Tom Hanks wandering through?

Elizabeth and Ryan! Congrats and blessings! Hanx.

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But nothing will ever top this restaurant who actually conjured Liam Neeson with their corny sandwich sign:

Holy f**k, it worked! #liamneeson

A post shared by Big Star Sandwich Co. (@bigstarsandwich) on

Except maybe this photo of the Queen of England sneaking up like the mischievous sprite she is:

That will never not make me laugh.

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