32 Incredible Details In Movies You Probably Missed On Your First Viewing



I love going to the movies. In the past three weeks I have been to the theater five times, which was as great as it was expensive. I also enjoy rewatching movies to catch all the details I missed the first time. 

Thankfully we live in an era where I'm not the only one who does this. Plenty of other people passionately rewatch films and share their discoveries with the world. Good thing they do, too, because they are way better at finding these things than I am. 

So check out their discoveries. None of them are mine, but I at least discovered their discoveries. That counts for something, right? 

1. What a role!

2. Time travel has all sorts of consequences.

3. So that's where he got that from.

4. He seemed to turn out OK.

5. They need to get the truth out there.

6. Not his thumb, but still cool.

7. They're not wrong.

8. Of course it destroyed the world.

9. The real hero of the trilogy.

10. She is one smart lady.

11. That would leave a mark.

12. Get ready!

13. Someone's gotta finish that game.

14. You'd think they'd be able to get more than one car. It's a big place.

15. Very subtle, Bruce.

16. And people say these movies are dumb...

17. Thanks!

18. It's a glitch.

19. The hero we deserve.

20. Is this wrong?

21. That's a weird way for people to be standing unless... oh.

22. C'mon. Watch the news, Tony!

23. You don't need to watch the movie after this but you probably should.

24. That is a lot of buttons for just two values.

25. Weird place for cat ears but this checks out.

26. It's your robe, ya dummy.

27. Seems about right.

28. Well, there you go!

29. Oh-ho! I see what you did there.

30. All worlds are connected.

31. Why else would she keep her fruit like that?

32. So she got the job after all. Good for her.

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