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This Freaky 'Friends' Theory Claims Rachel Dreamed The Entire Show

By Jaime Lutz

Ah Friends.  The show that keeps on giving.  Like when you search Netfilx for 20 minutes for something to watch and then three hours later you are on episode 8 of a Season 2 binge watch.  Every time I re-watch the show I seem to find something new or something hilarious that I missed the first few times around.  The show also plays up very well even in todays time.  Except for the technology of course.  I am convinced that in this era of social media, there is no way that they all would have been able to stay close.  Someone would have made a political tweet, or not liked someones Instagram post or Facebook status, and that would have been the end of the whole thing.  And don't get me started on the love interests.  Zero shot any of that would go down today.  Its just a different time, but we're better people for having the show to reminisce with.  

When Twitter user Ted Fox noticed that Jennifer Aniston was the only one with her eyes open on the cover of the season 4 Friends box art, he wanted an explanation.and frankly, he came up with a theory that is blowing everyones minds.  

Luckily, the Internet was there to give it to him. And that's when things got... kind of crazy and dark.  As always seems to be the case when we defer to the internet.