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Gal Gadot Kissed Kate McKinnon On Saturday Night Live, And People Went Wild



Gal Gadot is hot. Not just in the physical, how-can-someone-this-beautiful-possibly-exist kind of way, but as THE actress in Hollywood right now, she’s smoking.

Wonder Woman was a massive success - it’s the third highest grossing DC movie of all time only trailing behind The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises. So the Israeli superstar isn’t just a pretty face - she can sell the hell out of a film, too. 

Which is probably why people started freaking out when Gadot kissed Kate McKinnon square on the face during her SNL appearance - and she got really into it. 

It might have to do with the fact that she’s a huge star and isn’t afraid to do everything possible to make a bit work. 

But people loved it. 

But her other sketches were on point too. 

People loved her impersonation of Kendall Jenner, too. 

And then there was that bit where she went on a blind date with OJ Simpson, not knowing who he was. 

People thought she crushed it. 

For some, it was more than just a great performance. 

And you can bet that as much fun people had watching it, Gadot had even more fun doing it. 

Well, maybe not as much fun as Kate McKinnon, but then again, she’s probably one of the most envied women on the planet right now.

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