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Pikachu Speaks English In The New Pokémon Movie and Fans Are Not Okay

Pikachu Speaks English In The New Pokémon Movie and Fans Are Not Okay
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Updated 7 months ago

Even non-Pokemon fans know that Pokemon are only capable of saying their own names. It's kind of their whole thing, in addition to being powerful, destructive monsters. That's why a choice in the most recent Pokemon movie, Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You!, was so upsetting to many of the fans in the audience. 

Towards the end of the film both Ash and Pikachu are hurt after a vicious Pokemon attack. Ash asks Pikachu why he wouldn't go inside his Pokeball and Pikachu responds in English. 

In the video we can hear shocked fans gasp with one man shouting "No!"

Kate Bristol, who plays Pikachu in English dubs, told The Guardian Australia that she understands why fans are so surprised, saying, “I know a lot of people might think it’s out of the ordinary for Pikachu to speak English. It’s definitely out of the ordinary. It was hilarious being in the theater with the rest of the cast and hearing the audience’s reaction as a huge collective ‘What?’ rose up." 

It's worth noting that a similar scene happens in the original Japanese version but Japanese audiences were more on board with it. It's also still open for debate whether or not the scene took places in Ash's imagination or if it really happened, but you better believe the Twitterverse is going to get to the bottom of this. 

Other people are still too shocked to think clearly. 

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You! is out now so go and see this for yourself and see you uncover the truth.

[h/t The Guardian]

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