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Russell Crowe Just Found Out Who He's Secretly Dating From A Tabloid--And He's Confused

Russell Crowe Just Found Out Who He's Secretly Dating From A Tabloid--And He's Confused
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7 months ago

It's difficult to imagine that anyone actually believes the headlines that appear on supermarket aisle tabloids. I remember being in elementary school and just rolling my eyes at headlines in between begging my mother to buy me Cookie Crisp even though it wasn't on sale.

However, there are tons of people who see these newspapers and believe that no one would just publish a story that doesn't have at least a small amount of truth to it.

Unfortunately for those people, they're being hoodwinked more often than not when they believe the stories in these tabloid rags. A fact that was recently pointed out by Delta Goodrem and Russell Crowe when they reacted to this totally bogus story.

If the two of them were together, it's certainly news to them.

Other people featured on the cover chimed in as well at the ludicrous claims being printed about them.

While others pointed out the common language employed by many of these rags.

Some think whoever's printing these magazines just want to see Crowe in a new relationship. 

All of the unfounded stories were too much for people to handle.

Crowe then seriously tweeted about feeling bad for people who are misinformed by the magazines and think of them as actual news sources.

Imagine going up to an actor or actress you're a fan of and then trying to connect with them on a personal level based on something you've read, only to be told that they have no idea what you're talking about and those rumors are completely false.

Well, the lies could be entertaining at least, sorta? 

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