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The Internet Has Some Hilarious Theories to How They’ll Write-Off Roseanne


After Roseanne Barr wrote an offensive tweet (then tried to blame it on Ambien), her successful reboot series got canned by ABC. As the Twitterverse started buzzing about rumors of a new reboot show, ABC officially confirmed that the series will return without its controversial main star. The new show, tentatively called The Connors, will focus more on Dan and Darlene. 

But fans are skeptical. After all, how do you make a show not about the person whose name is in the title? Well, fans came up with some theories for how writers can discreetly address the problem. From death to alien abductions, here's a round-up of the weirdest.

1. Theory: The writers will dance around her absence by saying she's "busy."

New York writer Jonathan Chai came up with this theory, which involves the characters awkwardly dancing around the big elephant in the room. With the right writing, this one could possibly work.