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Source: Instagram

This Is the Final Season of 'Face Off' — and Fans Are Still in Denial

By Anna Quintana

Before the premiere of Face Off: Battle Royale, Syfy surprisingly announced that this would be the final season of the prosthetic makeup reality television competition. Shortly after the cancellation was announced, fans started a petition to save the show, and it currently has more than 15,000 signatures. The host of the series, McKenzie Westmore, also shared her disappointment in the decision to end Face Off after 13 seasons. 

"This show means the world to us at Mission Control, and we appreciate the loyal and passionate support of our viewers more than we can possibly say," she wrote on Instagram. "Thank you to all of the artists for bravely sharing their talent with the world, the amazing models, McKenzie, Glenn, Ve, Neville, Patrick, Lois, Michael Westmore, Derek, Mary, Peter and everyone else associated with the show. It’s been an incredible run." 

The final season of the competition premiered on June 5, and the finale is expected to take place on August 7, but viewers are still in denial that the fan-favorite series is coming to an end.