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Source: Getty Images

Ben McKenzie Turns 40 — Plus All 'The O.C.' Stars Today

By Gabrielle Bernardini

Who can forget bad boy Ryan Atwood (played by Benjamin McKenize) in the popular teen drama The O.C.? We sure can't! The mid-2000s heartthrob is officially turning 40 years old, and we can't help but to look back on his early days as an actor in the teen drama, in which he played Seth Cohen's bestie and Marissa Cooper's (sometimes) boyfriend.

Let's face it, TV viewers (including us) became infatuated with the Southern California teen lifestyle after being introduced to The O.C. Within its four-season airing, teenagers everywhere were introduced to Chrismukkah. We followed the tumultuous relationship between Ryan and Marissa. We cheered on Seth when he finally got the girl. And, we cried hysterically at Marissa's untimely demise, and that the show continued into Season 4 without the starlet. 

So, after 15 years since the show's premiere, and with Ben turning the big 4-0, we decided to get sentimental and take a look at where the main cast is today.