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12 Baffling Statistics About Your Fave Disney Princesses


Disney princesses are usually all the same: attractive, skinny and heterosexual (although that's debatable). But with 11 official princesses, there are enough of them to use statistics to reveal their true natures. For example, one out of 11 people are shoplifters, which means at least one Disney princess has secretly lifted a lip gloss from Sephora. My bet's on Ariel as we all know she has a hoarding problem. 

Below, more fun statistics involving your fave Disney princesses.

1. Statistically, at least two Disney princesses are considering plastic surgery.

Source: Walt Disney Studios

It's hard to believe given the fact that all the princesses are conventionally thin and attractive, but according to a RealSelf survey, one in five women has considered cosmetic surgery, which means two out of the 11 Disney princesses must have thought about it, as well. Maybe Rapunzel is thinking of getting lip injections? Honestly, that thought is so disturbing, I'd rather just change the subject.