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In Honor of Bill Murray's Birthday, Here Are Some of His Best Film Roles


When aliens invade the earth and start shapeshifting into human form, and we need to distinguish who is friend or foe, I'm sure one of the litmus tests is going to be showing someone a clip of Bill Murray doing anything. If they don't laugh or have some sort of a reaction indicating that they're liking what they're seeing, then you can be sure they're an alien. Or at the very least, a really lame human, and who needs those hanging around when we need to rebuild society?

Now there's always going to be some type of theater snob with a Master's degree who's biggest credit is a single line they got on Gossip Girl who want to write off Bill as being just a comedic actor because he doesn't drop weight like a wrestler and change his accent for every film he does. And to them I'd say, enjoy the regional theater circuit and the six people in your audience who are extremely impressed with your bastardization of a cockney dialect.

But Bill's career spans several decades because he brings himself to every single role, and he nails it every single time, despite having a 1-800 voicemail number instead of an agent to field potential film roles. The man is right at home in any film genre, no matter how absurd, kid-friendly or dramatic. Bill has one of the most impressive careers out of any actor to ever grace a screen. In honor of his 68th birthday, here are some film roles that drive this point home.

1. John "Bunny" Breckinridge — "Ed Wood"

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It takes a lot to stand out in a Tim Burton film, especially one starring Johnny Depp. And even though Bill played a supporting role in the film about Hollywood's worst director, Bill crushes it as Breckinridge, the eccentric actor and friend of the infamously awful director. Every time Bill opens his mouth in this movie is hilarious, but if you want a great example of how he squeezes the most out of every situation, just watch his reaction at getting baptized in this short clip to really see Bill's genius at work.