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11 Awesome Things About Being a Celeb That Are Actually Kind of Dark


These days, everyone wants to be famous. Social media makes it all look so tantalizing, from the Hadids frolicking around on yachts to the Kardashians lounging around in private jets. But with a large portion of young people hoping "to become famous" when they grow up, it's important to understand the reality of being a celebrity. I'm not talking about the lack of privacy, paparazzi, or stalker fans (because all of that is implied). I'm talking about the good parts of being famous — like the swanky events, the money, the glamorous jobs — that actually aren't nearly as great as you might expect. Like all things in life, even cool jobs have their dark sides. Below, a few celebrity "perks" and their drawbacks.

1. Press junkets aren't glamorous, they're grueling.

Source: YouTube

When celebrities have to promote something, they usually participate in a press junket where they sit in a hotel room and are interviewed by reporters. It looks like fun. After all, some interviewers ask fun trivia questions or create silly games for stars to play. Considering that most of us sit at computers all day staring at spreadsheets, sitting in a chair and being asked what it was like to work with Chris Hemsworth hardly seems like a bad first.

But the reality of press junkets is that celebrities hate them. They have to wake up early and answer repetitive questions from hundreds of reporters for eight hours or longer. Tom Hanks once called them "merciless."

“A press junket for a motion picture is the most opprobrious thing that human beings have ever been put through," he said during a TimesTalks Q&A. “It is a level of corporate branding strategy to the degree of hackery and they honestly think you have the stamina of an ox to drag this piece of s--t movie across international datelines."

Other stars have lost their minds during press junkets. 

"During one interview, a very well-known actor asked to use the restroom," television personality Ben Lyons recalled. "A half an hour later screams were heard from the bathroom. The actor had urinated everywhere except for the toilet… He just wasn’t happy to be there."