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12 Disney Princess Moments That Were This Close to Not Happening


Disney princesses might be a staple of our childhoods, but many of those classic moments, from songs to storylines, were this close to never making it to the screen. The Little Mermaid's Ariel almost didn't have red hair, and Frozen almost had an entirely different plot altogether. Thankfully, animators gained their senses before producing the final versions, resulting in the classics we love today. Below, a few examples of pre-production blunders that almost took our fave Disney princesses into entirely different directions.

1. 'The Little Mermaid' almost wasn't made.

Source: Disney Studios

It's hard to be believe, but the entire film was almost scrapped by the studio. According to John Musker, one of the movie's two directors, Disney originally passed on the concept because they thought the story looked too similar to another mermaid movie. 

"Yeah, initially they said, 'We're doing a sequel to Splash. We don't want to do another mermaid movie,'" he told Yahoo. "We were like, 'Really? You don't want  to do this? This is going to be kind of special.' And then they gave it a reprieve when they read the two-page treatment Ron [Clements] wrote. They read that and said, 'Oh, there might be something here. Disney does fairy tales and this is a fairy tale we haven't done.' So they put it into development after initially saying, 'Nah, forget it.'"