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12 Artists Who Had To Change Their Sound to Become Famous


For many of your fave artists, success wasn't instant. Many worked for years as they played small gigs at clubs, released demos no one listened to, and hustled to get to where they are today. And during that time, they went through several musical iterations before landing on the sound that would make them famous. Lady Gaga was a Billy Joel-esque singer-songwriter before realizing she could be more popular if she turned herself into a cartoon character. And there are many more musicians who followed similar career paths. Sure, some might say they sold out, while others might say they pivoted for the better. Whatever the case, their early career choices are definitely a tad surprising if not a little embarrassing. Below, 12 of the most notorious ones.

Katy Perry

Source: YouTube

Katy Perry first burst onto the scene in 2007 with a retro bubblegum aesthetic and an arsenal of cupcake-colored wigs. She might be one of the biggest pop stars today, but before making it big, she was a Christian singer. Back then she went by her real name, Katy Hudson, had short blonde hair, and didn't shoot whip cream out of her chest. After being dropped twice by labels, Katy switched Hudson for Perry, started working with producers like Dr. Luke, and created a whole other identity that was feisty, fun, and definitely not religious. Hey, it worked.