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12 Pop Singers Who Didn’t Actually Sing on Their Hit Songs


These days, most people are pretty wise about how the music industry works. People don't expect pop singers like Britney Spears or Selena Gomez to write their albums, and yes, we all know their vocals are heavily edited in the studio and we rarely hear them sing live. But although we continue to lower our bar for pop stars, the one thing we expect is that they at least sing on their own records. Unfortunately, it appears a few singers can't even do that. From background vocalists singing half the record to choruses being sung by other people, here are all the times your faves' vocals were allegedly not 100 percent their own.

1. Jennifer Lopez: "Play"

Source: YouTube

Although Jennifer sings on the track, the entire chorus is actually sung by Christina Milian, who wrote the song before she was famous. After Christina found her own fame with "AM to PM," many fans noticed that the voice in "Play" sounded an awful lot like Christina's. "Oh yeah, I sing on the chorus," Christina admitted in 2016. "But I think that's a known thing." It's true that Christina is credited as a background vocalist on the track, but in the music video and in performances, Jennifer mimes to Christina's vocals, which is a little odd.