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Source: disney

Let's Pray the 'Aladdin' Live Action Movie Doesn't Suck as Much as the Other Disney Remakes

By Mustafa Gatollari

It needs to be said: the live action remakes of the classic Disney films are, for the most part, soulless and boring to watch. The only reason they're crushing it at the box office is because of nostalgia and name recognition.

And after seeing the teaser-trailer for the Aladdin reboot, it looks like Disney's headed in the same exact lame direction with its latest attempt at cashing in on their songs of yesteryear, which stinks for anyone who is excited about seeing the new movie.

Now, you're probably thinking that I'm just being a grouch, or maybe I've got some deep-rooted hatred for Disney or am not nostalgic about the movies I grew up with as a kid. And yes, I am definitely a curmudgeon, but just hear me out and decide for yourself whether I'm wrong or not.