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Source: Instagram

These Celebs Who Stalked Their Famous Crushes Are Creepily Just Like Us


It's every fangirl's fantasy. But while most of us have to make do with only marrying Michael B. Jordan in our heads, some lucky individuals have made their dreams reality. Thanks to social media, stalking is easier than ever, and with everyone obsessively pursuing their celebrity crushes, some have had more success than others. Below, a few people who stalked their famous crush and, surprisingly, weren't turned over to the police.

Justin Beiber and Hailey Baldwin

Source: Getty Images

The young lovebirds might look like an ordinary celebrity couple, but their relationship is actually anything but. Although Hailey is a semi-successful model these days, five years ago she was just another fangirl on Twitter obsessively stalking her celebrity crush, Justin Bieber. And because nothing ever dies on the internet, fans have uncovered some of her old tweets where she fawned over Justin and how much she loved him. On a creepier note, one of Hailey's old friends who runs a fan account devoted to Justin revealed in a video that, back in 2012, the two of them would stalk Justin around New York City, exchanging info about his whereabouts and what hotels he was staying in. In the end, her persistence worked, and the two are now happily married.