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Source: Getty Images

Ryan Reynolds Proclaims His Love for Sarcastic 'Deadpool' Fan at Comic Con

By Anna Quintana

Just when you thought you couldn't love Ryan Reynolds more, he has the most Deadpool-esque interaction with a fan at Comic Con. The superhero actor was on a panel with co-star Zazie Beetz and others when an audience member asked Ryan a question — and gave Ryan a taste of his own medicine. 

"My question’s for Ryan but the other cast members can answer as well," the fan asked when Ryan jokingly interrupted, "Oh, s--t. Something’s coming I can see it." The fan was not amused, responding, "Um … if you’ll let me finish," to which the crowd reportedly gasped. Ryan was not offended, but instead was impressed. However, it was the fan's question that really won Ryan over. 

"If you could be any superhero besides Lady Deadpool, who would you be?" the fan asked. Ryan simply responded, "Did you say 'besides Lady Deadpool?' God, I love you." Deadpool would definitely approve, too. It wasn't long before Ryan's conversation with his new favorite person went viral — and her identity was revealed.