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Ryan Reynolds Showed Up At Hugh Jackman's Hotel Room Dressed As Deadpool



Celebrity friendships have their ups and downs just like with everyone else. Many of these Hollywood friendships are not authentic and merely just publicity for an upcoming project, like a movie or song. However, there are some that are real and the definition of #goals. And no, we're not talking about Kevin Hart and The Rock, even though they are also the definition of a bromance. 

Instead we are talking about fellow superheroes Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. The two have been buds since Reynolds appeared in Wolverine: Origins. Reynolds played the character he is most famous for now — Deadpool.

Very unfortunately, Deadpool looked like this in that film:

But he has since recovered.

Jackman and Reynolds have known each other long enough for Reynolds to troll Jackman on Twitter, like he did over this lovely anniversary message from Jackman to his wife:

But Reynolds trolls all his celebrity pals:

Even his famous wife, Blake Lively:

Though she at least trolls him right back:

You gotta learn to deal with Ryan Reynolds when he lives in your house.

Speaking of which, Reynolds did somehow end up in Jackman's house, or what looks like a hotel room. The two seem to be recording some sort of birthday message, but it goes south when it's revealed Deadpool is laying around on Jackman's bed:

Jackman jokes in the caption that Reynolds is the "least greatest showman," referring to his movie The Greatest Showman, starring himself. As the greatest showman, of course.

Meanwhile, Deadpool is singing in a blatant mockery of Jackman's musical career! These two get each other.

And they get their fans, who absolutely love it:

Even...Bear Grylls??

Please keep making Ryan Reynolds get dressed up as Deadpool for Twitter videos. It's what the world needs.

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