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24 Celebrities Who Brilliantly Trolled Their Fans

24 Celebrities Who Brilliantly Trolled Their Fans
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Updated 1 month ago

Meeting your favorite celebrity can be a letdown sometimes. Whether they're in a bad mood, don't feel like talking to you, or are just upset that you're on their private property, there are tons of times when meeting that special famous person just doesn't live up to your expectations.

But for some people, their celebrity encounters become immortalized.

Whether it's for the internet's delight, they're own, or both, these times celebrities trolled their fans are just priceless.

When Danny DeVito returned the favor to a fan who took a cardboard cut-out of him to prom.
When fans begged Chris Pratt for selfies of him with Jennifer Lawrence, so he obliged.
Johnny Depp just walking around as Captain Jack Sparrow, snapping selfies with local cops.
Fabio obliging fans' weird requests and being an awesome sport about it.
Michael Cera stepping into your selfie when you're not looking.
Ken Jeong photobombing at will.
Cole Sprouse has an Instagram account with a huge following that snaps photos of people trying to discreetly snap photos of him.
Jake Gyllenhaal doesn't mind getting stuck in the middle.
Michael Rooker messed with Marvel fans by showing up on the set of 'Avengers: Infinity War'.
Mark Hamill coming out of nowhere to surprise 'Star Wars' fans.
A girl has photobomb skills: Maisie Williams sneaking into a fan's picture.
This crying baby getting mocked by Bill Murray.
Tom Hanks responded to fan mail with a typed letter and a Polaroid.
Elijah Wood is more than game for your funny photo pose suggestions.
Tom Hanks snapping pics with this "drunk" dude in a restaurant.
Beyonce said she'd copy whatever face this fan made in their selfie together.
Obama catching this kid snoozing during an event.
Liam Neeson seeing if Big Star sandwiches was going to keep its promise.
This guy who was just trying to snap a photo of himself in front of the Microsoft sign and got a photobomb of Bill Gates instead.
Arnold Schwarzenegger pretending to be a wax statue then scaring the bejesus out of fans.
The Rock photobombing mid-stride.
Aaron Paul photobombing at Coachella.
Bryan Cranston disguised himself as himself at Comic Con.

What are some of your favorite celebrity troll moments?

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