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Source: Getty Images

9 Celebs Who Tried to Scrub Embarrassing Moments From the Internet


Nothing dies on the internet, but that still doesn't stop celebs from thinking they can hide their cringeworthy moments from the public. Unfortunately, whenever famous people try to do this, they inadvertently attract even more attention to the thing they were trying to hide. Psychologists even gave it a name: the Streisand Effect. The term is named after Barbara Streisand and her unsuccessful efforts in suppressing photos of her mansion. In the end, her need for censorship simply inspired more people to look up pictures of her house, which are available on the internet because, duh, it's the internet! You can't fight it, celebs. 

Below, a few more examples of famous folks who tried (and failed) at hiding embarrassing blunders.

Lady Gaga

Source: Getty Images

From eccentric pop singer to movie star, Lady Gaga has gone through several iterations throughout her career, but one era she's not that proud of happened before she was famous. Back then she was just Stefani Germanotta, a brunette who played mediocre pop rock in bars without any of the pizazz she would later become known for. Back in 2010, a box of old CDs, demo tapes, and DVDs of her "old" era went up for sale at an auction. However, a few days before the items were to be sold, Gaga's team swooped in and purchased the entire lot for "an undisclosed amount." But owning all the evidence of her humble beginnings wasn't enough, and they eventually leaked onto the internet anyway.