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Source: Getty Images

Here's How Jamie Lee Curtis' Character Laurie Strode Is Back From the Dead in New 'Halloween' Movie

By Anna Quintana

When it comes to the scariest horror movies of all time, Halloween is definitely at the top of the list. It also explains why there have been 10 sequels since the first movie premiered in 1978 — and four decades later, Jamie Lee Curtis is back once again as the iconic Laurie Strode to face off against Michael Myers. 

But wait, how is that possible if her character died in Halloween: Resurrection? Well, it turns out this new movie is actually a direct sequel of the first movie, giving Jamie's character a new timeline where she never died at all. Which is a good thing, considering how Jamie was not a big fan of her death or Resurrection in the first place. 

"Well, Halloween: Resurrection was a joke," she told TooFab in 2015. "Halloween: Resurrection I had to be there because the only way I could have done Halloween H2O was to agree to come back in a next movie because of the way H2O ends." However, just because Laurie's back does not mean she will survive. 

"I always felt like Laurie Strode — it needed to be one or the other," she continued. "That as far as I was concerned, until that menace is either gone or you're gone, you're not free. You can't live in that limbo." In the 2018 version, directed by David Gordon Green, fans will find Laurie 40 years after surviving Michael Myers' Halloween night attack. However, Michael, who has been locked up in an institution, manages to escape from a bus transfer and returns to Haddonfield to finish where he left off.