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Source: instagram

Here's Why Chris Hemsworth Is the Love of Humanity's Life

By Mustafa Gatollari

It's always disappointing whenever you get a chance to meet your heroes in real life and they turn out to be not-so-nice or accommodating. Now, I'm not talking about annoying someone when they're out eating a meal; if you're encroaching on their time with family, that makes you a total jerk-face.

I'm talking about situations where they could be perfectly nice human beings and they elect to be jerkish grumps. Those kinds of experiences can ruin your entire perception of that person and the work of theirs that you loved so darn much.

But then there are certain celebrities and public figures who end up being absolute sweethearts, even when there aren't any cameras or PR opportunities readily lurking about. The only "reason" they go out of their way to make someone else's day special is just because they felt like it.