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Source: YouTube

13 Celebs Who Were Lurking in the Background of Your Fave Films Before They Were Famous


The path to stardom isn't always instant. For many actors, they had to start small, and by small I mean taking no-line roles where they silently stood in the background. Hey, they had to start somewhere, right? Below, all the times big stars played extras before they were famous.

1. Brad Pitt

Source: Instagram

Brad had to really hustle at the beginning of his career, from appearing in cheesy Pringles commercials to wearing a chicken suit for El Pollo Loco. He was also an extra who played uncredited roles like "Boy at Beach" for 1987's Hunt or "Partygoer" for Less Than Zero. Last year, Charlie Sheen shared the above screenshot of his 1987 movie No Man's Land that featured Brad in the background as an extra. "Check out‬ Brad Pitt‬ ‪in the background as a server!!!" he wrote on Instagram. Brad wouldn't get his first speaking role until 1988 when he appeared in the soap opera Dallas.