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Source: Cartoon Network

12 Weird Facts About 'The Powerpuff Girls' That'll Make You Want to Rewatch it All

By Tiffany White

Ready to feel old? The Powerpuff Girls celebrates its 20th anniversary this month. When series creator Craig McCracken first created the show, he had no idea it would be a hit and assumed only "hipster college kids" would watch it. Instead, the show went on to be one of the biggest cartoons of the '90s, spurring a movie and numerous spin-offs, including a 2016 reboot (that I like to pretend doesn't exist). 

Although the cartoon's a classic, and you probably still have a Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup T-shirt in your closet, there's still a lot about the show you don't know. From weird facts to storylines that were way creepier than you remember, here are all the reasons you should skip the crappy reboot and watch the original all over again.

1. They were originally called "Whoopass Stew."

Source: Wikipedia Commons

Before becoming The Powerpuff Girls, the show was originally called Whoopass Stew, and instead of their magical powers coming from the mysterious Chemical X, they came from opening "a can of whoopass." Needless to say, but Cartoon Network made the creators change the name since, you know, it wasn't exactly kid appropriate.