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14 Things Sitting in Your Parents' Garage That's Now Worth a Crap Load of Money



If your parents haven't given away all your childhood stuff yet, you're in luck. Many of your fave '90s toys, shirts, VHS tapes, and other memorabilia are worth a surprising amount of money. From Polly Pockets to AOL disks, here's why you need to call your mom and thank her for not throwing out your crap.

1. Pokemon Cards

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Not all Pokemon cards are equal, but if you have a few rare ones, or if you caught them all and are willing to sell your entire collection, you can definitely make back some serious cash. Recently, on eBay, a massive collection of Pokemon cards sold for $200. Specific rare ones can sell for even more, like this one that sold for $54,000.

2. Crystal Pepsi

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If you have a couple of disgusting 20-year-old bottles of the original Crystal Pepsi just sitting around, you can be making serious bucks. A really gross-looking bottle of the 1993 soft drink is currently selling for $119 on eBay, and another for $90.

3. Polly Pockets

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Today's Polly Pockets are nothing like the original. After Mattel purchased the brand in 1998, the tiny dolls ballooned in size, and they discontinued production on many of the tiny houses and pocket-sized playsets. Therefore, any pre-1998 produced Polly Pocket is now a collectible. On eBay, someone sold their massive collection for $2,700. Other sold listings range from $200 to $600, even ones without the original packaging. 

4. Old '90s Magazines

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If you saved every issue of Sassy or Disney Adventures, you finally have a reason to justify your hoarding. There are tons of listings both on eBay and Etsy of people selling their magazine collections for $100 to $300. Recently, a lot of 141 issues of Cracked magazine sold for $200.

5. Spice Girls Dolls

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If you've kept all five of your Spice Girls dolls and, most importantly, never removed them from their boxes, you can easily sell them for $100 to $400, depending on the set. Out-of-box dolls, unfortunately, aren't worth all that much.

6. Disney VHS Tapes

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OK, now this one is a little iffy. It's been widely reported that classic Black Diamond editions of Disney movies are worth thousands, but the whole thing is an internet hoax. Unfortunately, most Disney VHS tapes aren't worth much, and you can easily find a used copy of The Little Mermaid for $10. However, because the "old Disney tapes are worth thousands" rumor just won't die, many sellers have taken advantage of this by charging insane amounts for used Disney tapes. In fact, a copy of Beauty and the Beast recently sold on eBay for $4,750. If you too want to take advantage of gullible buyers with way too much money, knock yourself out.

7. AOL Floppy Disks/CDs

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Remember back in the stone ages when we needed AOL to log into the internet? To gain users, the company would send floppy disks and CDs that promised "100 free hours" of internet. What a bargain! If you kept all those annoying CDs and disks (which AOL would send constantly), you might have a collector's item on your hands. Although they're not worth hundreds of dollars, some recent listings have sold for $45 to $26. Not bad for something you didn't even pay for.

8. Vintage Band T-shirts

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Vintage T-shirts have been trending in the fashion world for a while. After all, that's why Kim Kardashian pays $1,000 for hers. However, if you have a bunch of original band tees just sitting in your closet, you can totally take advantage of the Kims of the world. On eBay, someone sold their old 1992 Sonic Youth T-shirt for $450, and someone sold their Janet Jackson tour shirt for $400.

9. 'Baby All Gone' Doll and Accessories

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These weird little dolls, which have been discontinued by the manufacturer, are a hot collector's item among doll fanatics. The doll by itself is currently selling for around $30, but weirdly enough, it's the doll accessories with the most value. A listing for a bunch of used accessories recently sold for $60! Not bad for some used junk you didn't even purchase yourself.

10. Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls Jersey

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If you have an authentic jersey produced in the '90s, they're currently worth $300. However, some have sold for as much as $600.

11. 3DO Console

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In the '90s, there was nothing worse than being the kid stuck with a useless 3DO instead of the more popular Sega Genesis. But now it's your time to get the last laugh. The Panasonic console is now worth the same amount as a brand new Playstation 4. Even the games by themselves are selling, with one listing of games selling for $1,000.

12. Stamps

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Having a stamp collection probably didn't make you popular in school, but at least you can now profit off the infamy. Books of '90s U.S. stamps are usually valued around $100 or more, especially if you have dozens of them.

13. Yearbooks (If You Went to School With a Celebrity)

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Went to school with Taylor Swift? Or how about Beyoncé? If you still have your old yearbook with their dorky picture in it, you can sell it for hundreds of dollars. A yearbook that featured Bradley Cooper recently sold for $250

14. Beanie Babies

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And of course, no listing would be complete without these. Even in the '90s when they first became popular, they were already a bit of a collector's item. Today, certain rare Beanie Babies sell for thousands. If you don't own any of the "special" ones, you can sell your entire collection for a cool $700 easily.

BRB, cleaning out my garage.

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