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Source: Flickr

14 Things Sitting in Your Parents' Garage That's Now Worth a Crap Load of Money


If your parents haven't given away all your childhood stuff yet, you're in luck. Many of your fave '90s toys, shirts, VHS tapes, and other memorabilia are worth a surprising amount of money. From Polly Pockets to AOL disks, here's why you need to call your mom and thank her for not throwing out your crap.

1. Pokemon Cards

Source: Flickr

Not all Pokemon cards are equal, but if you have a few rare ones, or if you caught them all and are willing to sell your entire collection, you can definitely make back some serious cash. Recently, on eBay, a massive collection of Pokemon cards sold for $200. Specific rare ones can sell for even more, like this one that sold for $54,000.