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Source: CW

At The End of the Day, Jughead Jones is Pretty Much Just Gossip Girl


Sometimes I feel like Riverdale has more in common with Gossip Girl than it does with Archie Comics. Of course, everything in the CW wheelhouse has huge overlaps in archetypes and storylines. You could easily argue Riverdale has stronger ties to Veronica Mars and that both are just really doing a Twin Peaks thing. And I mean, wasn’t Gossip Girl pretty much just the East Coast version of The O.C.?

Nevertheless, Riverdale seems to be Gossip Girl’s heir apparent because of the cultural space it now occupies in youth culture (with the occasional lapse into a 20-something's guilty pleasure). The teen mystery-drama is creating the same livid fan conversations that the Gossip Girl fandom had years ago. So gather ‘round, kiddies, because here are some parallels between both teen dramas.

Each series starts with a love triangle between a dark-haired girl, a blonde, and a dumb jock with abs you can grate cheese on.

Source: CW

What you’re looking at is Blair Waldorf and Betty Cooper, each horrified as a romantic rivals enter the picture. Their challengers? Reformed bad girl newcomers Serena Van der Woodsen and Veronica Lodge. Beautiful idiots Archiekins and (Nate) Archibald are magnetized by these glorious rich girls and their wily ways, causing their "good" girls undue emotional pain. 

The Gossip Girl book series leaned hard on their love triangle. The trope name? Betty and Veronica