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Source: Lifetime

What Did These 12 Actresses Do to Get Trapped in Christmas TV Movie Hell?


There's a kind of morbid comfort that comes from Lifetime, Hallmark and Other Basic Cable Christmas movies. The same five or six vapidly merry plots get recycled, and you can always expect a familiar face like Candace Cameron Bure or Melissa Joan Hart getting into holiday hijinks. Though a certain personality type is no doubt delighted by this predictability, the more ironic viewer watches in horror as Lacey Chabert makes her 400th attempt to save Christmas. Did these women sell their souls to get steady work, only for the Christmas Krampus to gift them with yuletide B-movies? I'm not sure, but below, 12 actresses who are for sure stuck in the bowels of the TV movie underworld.

1. Candace Cameron Bure

Source: Hallmark

Candace Cameron Bure has a problem. She kicked off her Christmas TV career with Moonlight & Mistletoe, in which a cold-hearted businesswoman (of course) named Holly (of course) comes home to an Xmas-worshipping town called Santaville (of course) and  softens from the power of love (OF. COURSE). Oh, also some overpriced nutcrackers that legit look like they were done by a 5-year-old save the day. Anyway, she did six more movies that I have not seen but are probably some variation of that. She’s about to top off her resume as Hallmark’s Christmas Queen with movie number eight: A Shoe Addict’s Christmas, in which she plays a woman named Noelle (kill me) and ugh, never mind, I don’t care. 

P.S., what age were you when you found out Candace Cameron Bure’s last name was pronounced “beret” instead of “burr,” because I was today years old.