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Source: Nicole Wilder/Bravo

Everything to Know About the Real ‘Dirty John’ From Bravo’s New Drama


Bravo’s new scripted drama Dirty John premieres this month, starring Eric Bana as the titular con artist with Connie Britton as the well-off interior designer who falls for him. If the title sounds at all familiar, that’s because this show is based on a popular podcast by the same name. 

And that podcast is totally true, though the events are so dramatic it sounds like fiction. Los Angeles Times reporter Christopher Goffard wrote extensively on the story after it broke and eventually turned it into the seven-part series co-produced by the Wondery network.

Whether you’re already a big Dirty John fan or want an overview before diving into the new series, here’s everything you need to know about John Meehan, aka "Dirty John," and the women whose lives he devastated Oh, but beware there are MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

Source: Getty Images

Connie Britton with Debra Newell.