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Source: Getty Images

There's a Reason J.R. Ramirez aka Jared From 'Manifest' Looks Familiar

By Anna Quintana

If you were a fan of Lost, chances are you are watching NBC's new drama Manifest. The series is also centered around a plane wrong gone wrong and how the survivors adjust to life after nearly falling from the sky. Oh, did we mention that the plane was mysteriously missing for five years? 

One of the passengers aboard the doomed Flight 828 was Michaela Stone — who returns to discover that her fiancé Jared Vasquez is no longer her fiancé, and he is actually married to her best friend, Lourdes. And this makes sense because Jared is a bonafide hottie. "Me after the first two episodes of Manifest: Damn Jared should back off, he married Mick’s bff. She deserves better. Me after episodes 3-5: Michaela and Jared belong together. Girl needs to get her man," one fan tweeted before another simply added, "Jared from Manifest can get it." 

So, who plays Jared on Manifest?

Jared is played by actor J.R. Ramirez — who you might recognize from the Netflix series, Jessica Jones. The 37-year-old recently revealed he fell in love with the role of Jared right away. "[Jared] is kind of heroic in a sense and it’s nice to represent my people in a light that sheds something other than we’re used to," he told NBC News. "I saw a lot of comments from people praising my work, but still upset I was playing these stereotypical Latino roles. To be honest with you, they were both roles that were grounded in humanity. These character were very complex."