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Source: CW

Here Is the Actual Age of the "Teens" on Your Favorite Teen Drama, According to How They Behave


We all know our favorite CW (or WB, if you're a real elder millennial) teen show maybe skews, mm,  a little unrealistic. You know, what with the murders and all too frequent teacher-student affairs. Yet, when you rewatch these shows as an adult, it becomes very clear the most unrealistic part is that everyone acts like an effing adult. Below, we guesstimate which cast of characters actually act like teenagers and which are pushing 40 — because the hell Chuck Bass would run a hotel at 18, I don't care how much money he has. 


Source: CW

I am only able to buy that the Riverdale foursome are youths in their moments of blunder.  When Betty misreads the clue to a mystery, when Jughead spits some pretentious alt-boy literary reference, when Archie. That is, maybe Archie can convince me he’s 16 so long as he keeps his body-of-a-chiseled-Pilates-instructor covered. 

Other than that, no amount of talent can erase the fact that these are 20-something actors playing teens. Plus, Jughead (poorly) runs a gang, Cheryl is legally emancipated, Betty did that snake striptease, and Veronica, what, owns an effing speakeasy now? And what about the plot where the core four go on a double date to a lake house and drink spicy margs? What the hell, are they old marrieds now?

How Old Do They Act: It’s very case-by-case, but the collective average per episode is probably like 28 years old.