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Paul Walker Wasn't Just a Star Actor, He Was a Fantastic Human Being


Paul Walker's sudden death was shocking for multiple reasons: the actor who was most famous for starring in a franchise that's all about driving fast cars died in a horrible crash. He was also only 40 years old when tragedy struck, and the accident occurred during filming for Fast 7.

I and a lot of my friends grew up watching Paul Walker in the Fast & Furious films. We watched them go from pretty cool, to downright awful, to pretty cool again, and then to over-the-top action fests that made summer great. 

Though he was a recurring, major character in the one of Hollywood's biggest-grossing, long-standing franchises, Paul Walker's real life is somehow more interesting and awesome than all of the Fast movies combined.

1. His mom was a model.

Source: entertainment tonight

Cheryl Walker, not to be confused with this late actress who shared the screen with Katherine Hepburn, is partly responsible for Paul Walker's dashing good looks. She was a fashion model, after all. Cheryl was also with Paul moments before he passed. In an interview, she recalled the text message he received: he'd forgotten about a fundraiser he was supposed to attend and was out the door.